2015 All Charities Raffle!
See the Winners here and see the list of prizes here..

The Foundation does all the work to put together the raffle, gathering the prizes, coordinating the tickets, advertising, and coordinates the drawing. This allows your group to only focus on selling tickets. Print a poster

What is in it for your group?
Your group will sell tickets for $10. The Foundation will return $9.00 to your group. A 90% return is better than most of us make when our volunteers sell things like candy bars or spend a day selling hot dogs. Just think, if your group sells 100 tickets, you've just raised $900 with no expenses. Some local stores will allow your group to have ticket sales days at their locations. After our expenses, any surplus of our 10% will be used for future grants.

If you would like to participate, you need to talk it over with your group, turn in a signed interest form, get your tickets, and start selling the tickets. For additional information, please contact our Executive Director, Charles Moore at 417-5623.

Over the years, the Foundation has raised, and distributed, over $300,000 to local non-profits such as yours. We believe this raffle will continue to allow all of us to work together to raise even more funds for our community.

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